About Us

ASAP Cardio Healthcare, a top-rated, niche-focused healthcare staffing firm that connects Nurses and Allied Health professionals of Cath Lab, IR Labs, EP Labs and Imaging Labs with healthcare organizations on a perm basis.

ASAP Cardio Healthcare has assisted hospitals, healthcare facilities, and ancillary clinics throughout the nation for over 10 years.

 Today, our business serves healthcare facilities increasing demand for healthcare professionals covering multiple modalities in the Cath Lab, IR Labs, EP Labs and Imaging. Based in Atlanta, the company's decision makers have been in the staffing industry for over 25 years, working with healthcare experts and organizations that drive today's current healthcare market.  

 ASAP Cardio Healthcare has an impressive reputation throughout the U.S. 

The following are a few of ASAP Cardio Healthcare's achievements:

  • Human Resource Certified Vendor since (2011 accreditation)
  • Audit Retain Credential Score over 90%

Ranked as a "Top Tier" resource for Nursing and Allied Health

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